Is Dol Amroth Recruiting?

Currently Dol Amroth has does not have openings in most classes,Currently Ranger class is closed but don’t hesitate from sending your app in if you fall under that class. we’ve got a place for you! It is rare that we add people, and even rarer that we add a large number of people at any given time, but if you’re a fit within Dol Amroth you will see everything that EverQuest has to offer. We’re seeking players that have an intimate knowledge of the game, but most importantly a true desire to master this game. Other guilds rely on their gear to defeat encounters, we rely on our skill. We have some of the best players. You will learn from them and emulate them.


Dol Amroth is a raiding guild. Our primary focus is raiding, and raiding with maximum effeciency. Each of our members have various experiences, strengths and a few weaknesses. When you begin as an applicant you will learn to focus on your strengths and eliminate any overshadowing weakness.

In order to contribute to Dol Amroth in raiding you have to actually raid. The best player doesn’t contribute to our raiding success by being offline. We expect applicants to be able to attend 25% of all Dol Amroth raids. Raids occur during the following times (Holidays alter the schedule occasionally):

Sunday 4 CST – 11 CST
Monday-Wednesday 6 CST – 11 CST
Thursday 7 CST-12 CST
We are accepting applications from players of level 86, and 900+ AA.
Required flags to app.  Underfoot  Fire in the hole & Fungal bloom missions.
please include that you do in fact have these flags in your application to us.

Inquries into Joining

Any inquries into joining Dol Amroth are confidential. If you speak to an Officer about the possibility of joining we will ask a couple of questions, but will not have an open dialogue with your current guild (should you be in one).

The Application Process

After you submit an application to Dol Amroth there is typically a one to two day process before you begin raiding. We often begin background investigation after we receive a tell about a potential applicant. Once again, this does not include speaking with your current guild (until you have applied). You will begin raiding with Dol Amroth, you will be able to earn and spend DKP. All applicants start with 200 DKP. After 30 days of your first raid the Leadership will discuss ending your Applicant Period and moving you to the Initiate period.

As an Initiate you will be able to win items as a Full Member, but do not have Applicant Discussion privlages. After 30 more days (60 total at this point if everything goes well), you will be moved to Full Member (if there are no concerns from the Leadership and Members).

If you meet all of the above then Dol Amroth just might be the place for you. We’re dedicated to excellence in whatever we’re doing. It doesnt matter if we’re clearing out a farm zone, or working on new content. We expect you to play your best every time you raid with us. We’ll show you everything that EverQuest has to offer. You will form friendships and bonds.