Dol Amroth distributes loot based on a DKP (Dragon Kill Points) system that was originated by Afterlife in 1999. Players receive DKP for each event they attend and are able to loot items at the cost of those DKP points. Each item has a particular value associated with that item. Item price is influenced by rarity of the item, benefit of the item and the number of classes that can use that item.

The specific style of DKP that Dol Amroth incorporates is called a Zero-Sum DKP. Simply put it means that DKP In = DKP Out. Where some guilds do this on each encounter Dol Amroth does it based on all our events in any given month. Each month DKP values (for events) are raised or increased to create an environment that will foster no inflation.

Dol Amroth DKP Site