Dol Amroth is an EverQuest guild located on the Povar Server. Our membership numbers approximately 50 active raiding members, as well as those that have retired. It is lead by an officer core that typically numbers five and the guild leader. Dol Amroth was formed in the winter of 2000. Since it’s conception the main purpose has been to create a high end team based raiding atmosphere as well as a tight knit community.


Mission Statement

Dol Amroth is a guild that seeks to reward its member base with a gaming experience that is enjoyable. Each encounter is tackled as a team, without each other we are nothing. Dol Amroth promotes excellence it its members both in interactions in, and outside of the guild. Constant learning and improvement are key to the longevity of Dol Amroth and are strongly practiced within the guild.

Every night we measure ourselves and the quality of our play. A bad guild fails an encounter and decides its something they are not capable of yet. A good guild fails an encounter and moves on to deal with it another day soon. A great guild fails an encounter and presses it until they win. A guilds tolerance for failure is what defines them. The constant pursuit of excellence in every aspect of EverQuest is what defines the very core of Dol Amroth.

Chubz Drago
Leader of Dol Amroth