Way to go Dol Amroth Starting to get the hang of these t8 raids linchen creep added to the farm list.
We are currently recruiting the following classes:

2 ~ Shammies

1~ Zerkers

2 ~ Druid


1 ~ Beast

1~ Necro


Currently we are offering a 200 dkp sign on bonus:

If  Interested please post your application at http://www.dolamroth.org/phpBB3/index.php 

Or for more Information please send an in game tell  to
one of the following recruitment officers. Skylah,Jaxntax,
Mishafeel or Daemonsun.
On a side note we currently only have 
3 closed classes from application status.

Monk,Shadowknight, and Warrior.

But if you feel your uber  level 90 with over  3000 aa’s  don’t hestiate to apply  we do make exceptions
for you uber grinders who wish to  call Dol Amroth your home.